Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easter Tree

Kirstin and I decided to get together and make these adorable Easter Trees. They were SUPER easy. In fact, I think from start to finish it took an hour. So... there was lot of chatting time. Kristin and I really know how to chat. So, if you need a quick craft... this is the lucky winner!

We started by getting pails. I filled mine with sand and I think Kristin used Styrofoam. Do you think she was trying to show me up? I think so....  Well.... fine. Whatever Kirstin! We picked our sticks, put them in, added the mossy-grass stuff and clued it in. I know what you're thinking... how did you glue mossy-grass stuff to sand. Well... I glued it to side of the pail. Lets just hope Miley Pepper (My cute black pug) doesn't get crazy and knock it over. You never know with her!

After the sticks were in place, we added the eggs. We just tied a knot and glued it to the egg and then added them to the tree. We finished by adding the bow. They're so cute and fun for Easter.

Okay... Now let's just hope Miley Pepper doesn't knock it over!

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