Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Say hello to our little Stackers! They're so cute, aren't they!!! Tuesday's craft night was ON and we pumped these little stackers out so quickly. And aren't they so cute?! I love them!

We started with sanding, then painted. We then mod-podged the paper on. A question that came up last night was "do we mod-podge the top of the paper?"... Really, it's your choice, but we've noticed, well, our awesome vinyl lady Tarah noticed that when she stored some holiday projects from last year topped with mod-podge, things stuck together. So, we don't mod-podge the top of things. Plus, we like the natural matted look, not the glossy stuff. Again... it's really your choice!

After the mod-podge was dry, we sanded the edges and then did a little distressing. Distressing is my very favorite thing in the world.... Then we added the vinyl. That's how easy this one was. You probably could of figured it out for yourself, but it makes me feel important to share my wealth of knowledge I've gained from the experience. Thanks for letting me feel like a real VIP!

As soon as all my fun Spring stuff is done and put together, I'll have to post a photo so you can see how fun it's all coming together! Spring is on it's way, right?! Idaho weather is so bipolar!

Have a good one Craftalicious chickies!!!

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