I'm Christy! I've been known to have a creative spirit, so it wasn't surprising that I found friends that are such amazing crafters! Every Tuesday, and like I said in our profile, an occasional Thursday or Saturday we get together and do a project. We started with a Christmas Countdown... Then we did some pilgrims, and then a Christmas wreath. We have a BLAST together and we all look forward to our Tuesdays!

So, there's Jennifer, the one who started it all. She's a stay at home chick and has lots of time on her hands. She is our wood cutter and helps come up with all of our ideas. She is married to Dennis, a school teacher and total stud. Oh... and he got Jennifer a Silhouette for Christmas, so... he's seriously an awesome guy! At least in my book he his!

Then there's Tarah. Tarah and I are married to brothers, so we are sister-in-laws. We have a blast together! All of us, brothers (husbands) and all! Tarah has three adorable little kids. Two girls and a little boy who is literally the coolest kid ever! He's rocking a pretty awesome pair of nerd glasses as a two year old and let me tell you... he's a total hunk! I'm lucky to have such a hottie nephew. Her husband is high on that awesome pedestal too, since feeding our craft-a-licious addiction weekly means... Tarah is out of her home one night a week (sometimes two). He watches all three little ones, brushes their teeth and puts them to bed so she has her time off to enjoy a little girl time.

Me... I just got married last August to the man of my dreams. We have a three year old black pug named Miley Pepper. She's a total ham and has a pretty bad rep around the kids in our family... She's kind of a nipper. It's not a good situation! My husband and I are house-sitting while my in-laws go on a mission. They leave for Spain in March... we're pretty excited!

There are a few more amazing ladies who join us from time to time to dream and create these fun little crafts! We will feature them as they add their own craft-a-licious tidbits.