Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kristin, Our Awesome Ring Model

She's so going to kill me, but I have to do it! Ha ha!!!

This is Kristin. She one of my most awesome friends ever! She's officially the newest part of So Craftalicious. She doesn't know I took her photos off from facebook... she's going to kill me! It's so worth it!

Kristin and I met 12 years ago. We worked at Papa Kelsey's in Rexburg while we went to School at Ricks College... I just aged us, crap! We used to have so much fun together and have so many fun memories. She got married and I moved on and randomly like 2 years ago I got a facebook account and I found her! It was AWESOME!

I love that when we met up it felt like no time had past! She just reciently moved to Boise and it was like my dreams had come true! My crazy, inappropriate (self proclaimed "I have the sense of humor of a seven year old boy"), gorgeous friend was back! In no time at all, she was coming to craft night. She's the one who always models the distress ink or paint brush... she has the cutest rings ever. Why waste a good photo with a non-cute ring on your finger. You know what I'm say'n?!

Kristin has a 3 year old adorable little girl named Ashlynn who is awesomely random and knows how to pull some serious moves with her eye-brows. I love the Ashlynn stories!

Anyways... Kristin is awesome and she's worth adoring. Just like the rest of the Craftalicious girlies! We have a great time and I'm so glad she's here!

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