Friday, April 29, 2011

D is for Dang Awesome (and my last name)

Let's here it for inspiration, right?! Well, a few months back I found this awesome photo and of course I fell in love with the whole look but especially the gigantic "F". I decided I needed to use some of that inspiration, or at least copy it! So, the thing is, I didn't want my gigantic "D" to look pitiful, I wanted it gigantic, you know? So I had to figure out how to get it cut and look'n awesome.

Then.... I saw this bad-boy... I know you can't see how big it is, and I know it's not exactly what I wanted, but I love how skinny and fabulous this looks. I found it at Joann's for $10 and I didn't even have to stress about how to get it cut. It was that easy. The size has to be 2.5 x 1.5. It's nice and big!

Sorry my photo is so BLUE!!!! I didn't get a chance to edit them!
I thought I'd give it a nice metallic look. Steel is cool, right? So I got some metallic silver paint and went to town on it. It looked really cool, but cool isn't enough for someone who reads Vintage Revivals everyday, right? So, I added some black paint. The technique is pretty basic, exspecially compared to Vintage Revivals, but hey, simple is good! I'm okay with that. All I did was add a dab, then wiped it off with a paper towel, spreading the black paint to each side of my project and that's all I did. And I'm officially in love with my new letter "D"!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Desserts / Stressed?


So... I've got a fun post for today. I saw this awesome sign on Lil' Luna, which is one of my favorite blogs. We all loved how cute these signs came out and decided to do them exactly how Lil' Luna did.

Kristin got us a bunch of cabinet doors through a contact of her husband's. We spray painted them black, added the vinyl which Tarah cut and then made fabric flowers. It was fun mixing all the different flowers and adding fun buttons and stuff for the centers. I love the way this sign looks in my kitchen. It's nice and big and bold. LOVE that!

Now go have yourself some desserts you stressed out people!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Pillows to Die For

Last Tuesday, us So Craftalicious chicks got together and made table runners. Unfortunately, I don't have photos of them yet, however, Kristin made pillows instead. They turned out so adorable. Of course now we're all dying to make them. They are too cute! When we make some for ourselves, we'll turn it into a tutorial for ya. Also, I'll get our latest projects up this weekend.

(The pillow on the rocking chair is an itty-bitty pillow. That rocking chair was Kristin's when she was a little girl and now it belongs to Kristin's little girl Ashlynn)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Banner

When we first started "So Craftalicious" (we didn't have a name back then), we decided to make fun birthday stuff to put in a "birthday box" and pull out anytime someone was celebrating a birthday. This is one of the things we made to put into the "birthday box". Just a side note: This isn't a quick project. It took us two Tuesdays to get it done which is kinda mega for us Craftalicious girls.

Okay... here's the tutorial:

We, I mean,  Jen started by cutting and drilling the wood. Jen's such a sport! I love her so much!

Then we modpodged our paper onto the wood. This is probably the hardest part. Not because modpodging is hard but having to decide on the paper is crazy. Exspecially because there is such cute paper out there. I just want to use it all!

Next, you add all the ribbon around the triangles. We used hot glue. Then, we added our letters. This is just cardstock cut with the Sillouhette. The best gule to use is the white double tipped tombo glue. This glue works wonders and you can control how it spreads by using the wide rubber edge. I love Tombo!!!

 Then add your fun stickers or whatever you want to put on there. Just wait until you see it hang! They're so awesome!!!!

That's it... you're done! Pretty cute and fun to put in your Birthday Box. Just hang that baby up the week of your kid's birthday and they'll feel like a rockstar all week long.