Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Banner

When we first started "So Craftalicious" (we didn't have a name back then), we decided to make fun birthday stuff to put in a "birthday box" and pull out anytime someone was celebrating a birthday. This is one of the things we made to put into the "birthday box". Just a side note: This isn't a quick project. It took us two Tuesdays to get it done which is kinda mega for us Craftalicious girls.

Okay... here's the tutorial:

We, I mean,  Jen started by cutting and drilling the wood. Jen's such a sport! I love her so much!

Then we modpodged our paper onto the wood. This is probably the hardest part. Not because modpodging is hard but having to decide on the paper is crazy. Exspecially because there is such cute paper out there. I just want to use it all!

Next, you add all the ribbon around the triangles. We used hot glue. Then, we added our letters. This is just cardstock cut with the Sillouhette. The best gule to use is the white double tipped tombo glue. This glue works wonders and you can control how it spreads by using the wide rubber edge. I love Tombo!!!

 Then add your fun stickers or whatever you want to put on there. Just wait until you see it hang! They're so awesome!!!!

That's it... you're done! Pretty cute and fun to put in your Birthday Box. Just hang that baby up the week of your kid's birthday and they'll feel like a rockstar all week long.

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hiya , what a fab project it is sooo cute , tfs
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