Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring is Here!

So... my most favorite blog in the whole entire world is the House of Smiths. In fact, if I could I would pay her to come to my house and change EVERYTHING! Shelly is amazing and her style is PERFECT. Love it! I was stocking looking through her blog and found her adorable Spring Board. I loved it and e-mailed it to the So Craftalicious girls like 5 times begging to make it. Thank goodness they loved it too cause I was dead-set on making that baby, with or without them.

So... here is the tutorial on how to make the rosettes. They're SO much easier than they look and once you get one or two down, you're good to go. Don't burn your fingers with the glue gun... that's my only advice.

Oh... and here's another tidbit of information: When you get your wreath, we all went with straw wreaths. I used a 10 inch wreath which is pretty big compared to the House of Smiths' board. If you can find a smaller one, go for it. If you like it big, then go with the 10 inch.

I made a cute topiary to go with the board. I got a topiary foam form from thing Hobby Lobby. I just added the flower pot, green mossy-grass stuff and glued those puppies right on the form. That's all it took. I love the way it turned out! So... thank you House of Smiths for inspiring us So Craftalicious girls!

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