Saturday, February 12, 2011

One Busy Valentines'

So Craftalicious has been VEry verY busy this crazy Valentines' day season. We find ourselves obsessed with spreading Valentine's throughout the house. Why wouldn't we?! We're talking flowers, chocolates, and kisses here people! Who doesn't like that?!

We have some very special projects in our "done" bucket (there's not really a bucket... I just made it up!). I'll just start from the top:

Project #1: 2x4 Heart
So craftalicious doesn't profess to being amazing creators, but rather copiers. We have our moments where we get creative and do our own thing, but this wasn't one of them. We found this project on Under My Polkadot Umbrella. So simple and so cute! 

Project #2: Big Heart Signs

I love these signs! This is a project we found at a local Hobby Center. It was a super easy project to put together. Just a little paint, wire and vinyl and we were done! I love that it can be hung or put on an easel. Tarah did an awesome job with the vinyl! I love having a vinyl lady in the family! Ha!

  Project #3: Little Heart Plaques

I don't know where Tarah and Jennifer found this awesome idea I love it! We just swapped out the paper for each plaque so they matched nice and pretty... and don't they look awesome?! Again, this project was really easy. Just a little modpodge and paper, maybe a little vinyl and ribbon and there you go! You're set!

As a bonus... I wanted to show you how Jennifer added some ribbon to her cute Heart photo holder we made. It's our very first project we posted. Oh... and by the way, it's a "So Craftalicious" original. That's right baby, that project came right out of a "So Craftalicious" head! Pretty awesome, huh! 

Happy Valentine's Day Crafters!

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Tori said...

These are fabulous! Love all of them!