Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cute Valentine's Wreath

So everyone needs to have their door decorated for the holidays and my friend and I were looking for a fun whimsical wreath idea for the Day 'o Love. We kind of mixed a few ideas and ended up with this cute wreath made from burlap and tulle and a few scraps of material thrown in for more splashes of color.
I am sorry we didn't take pictures as we went but here is a run down of materials used and how we whipped this wreath together.

Materials - one wreath we got ours from the dollar store (one of ma favorite craft supply stores)
burlap - we had 2 colors but totally optional
tulle- we also had 2 colors of tulle
material - just scraps we had around I stuck with the brown tones and AmyLee went with the black. It is always fun to work on the same project together and see how different things turn out.
Embellishments -  we added a few stamped tags with some words o' love to add an extra element to the wreath. Burlap and tulle hearts with little jewels.
Then throw a store bought heart in the center (optional of course) and with my trusty silhouette added the Be Mine and voila! You have the cutest door on the block!!!


Michelle said...

This is adorable! Love this blog:)

Virtuous Vessels said...

so..you just tied the burlap, tulle, and ribbon???

Virtuous Vessels said...

Another question, Or two...:) How long were the strips? How did you stamp your tags to look vintage? This is so gorgeous and I sooo want to make one...only problem is, i want it to look JUST LIKE THIS ONE! :)

Thanks for the tips!

Teresa said...

How do you make the jeweled hearts out of burlap and Tulle?

Krista Finn said...

I would love to make this!!! Could you give me some instruction on where to start??

Jamie said...

I love this wreath1 I love the burlap and tulle together.. I hope it's okay, I just finished a Valentine's Day crafts round-up and just couldn't help but feature your cute wreath! You can see it here:


Thank you for sharing this.. I can't wait to try and make one :)