Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Holy One Subway Art

Subway art is crazy in right now, huh? Well, we didn't want to leave ourselves out! The Craftalicious girls being left out... I DON'T THINK SO! We wanted to make something we could keep up all year long though. We decided to use the words of the Savior.Inspired by a sign found at   I'm amazed at how many names we know Christ as... Light of the World, Prince of Peace, Everlasting Father... and so many more!

These projects ended up being pretty big in size. We found some AWESOME scrap wood at Lowe's... talk about lucky! We just painted the wood up, sanded of course, because it wouldn't be perfect unless there was a little imperfection added... then of course the vinyl. I love how they turned out! I did mine a deep turquoise. I decided that I'm sick of neutrals in my house! I'm desperate to add color and this was a great way to do that!

Oh... and my husband is obsessed with the "W" in Light of the World because there's an extra swirl... He's brought it up several times. Just when you don't think they care, they come up with the weirdest observations! ****sigh**** Husbands! 

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Nellilou said...

This is absolutely gorgeous...well have inspired me to have a go...if thats ok? ;o)))