Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Delicious Valentine's Topiary

Jennifer made these adorable Valentine's Day Topiaries. They look so craft-a-licious and delicious!!! Jennifer is so super crafty and when it comes to candy and crafts, she's not messing around! She bought most of her materials at the dollar store. 3 glasses $1/ea, 3 pk wooden spoons $1.00, 3- 2" styro-foam balls $1/ea. The most expensive was the candies which she got bulk: Hot Tomales, gum drops, Jelly Beans, and Good'n'Plenty. Her inspiration was from  

So you just need a base heavy enough to balance the weight of the candy top and why not fill it up with candy to help out with the stabilization of the topiary. Then you paint the wooden spoon handles and the styro foam balls. Then jab the "non-spoon" end into the center of the styro-foam ball and start hot gluing on your candy one piece at a time. (One piece on the ball, one piece in your mouth and repeat until fully covered)

Jennifer said this is the only way she can allow candy into the house - since it is glued down!

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